Velonika Falaniko

Velonika's vision is to use her knowledge of science, biosecurity and conservation to empower Samoan communities.

Key facts

Programme: Postgraduate Diploma in Science
Subject: Biosecurity and Conservation

“Right now I’m exploring in-depth knowledge on the biosecurity of New Zealand, learning more about the work that is done in the Landcare and MPI facilities. My elective courses allow me to explore other fields that complement my interest in biodiversity.

I chose the University of Auckland because I wanted to acquire more experience in the field of biosecurity and conservation, and learn how I can utilise it to the advantage of people in my community.

Velonika Nikki Lioa Falaniko

“I enjoy the interactive learning involved in all my courses. We take the initiative to get involved – learning is centred on our contribution towards the topic discussed. The lecturers are hands-on with communication, which is great in terms of getting ahead in the programme.

“I hope to study for my masters and PhD in the future. I’m looking at research with water biology, focusing my study around my people in Samoa. I want to empower, and incorporate how our community sees science.”