Developing your research

Peer-mentoring and research development activities to help you in your academic career.

Support for early-career academics

CLeaR can provide a peer-mentoring programme to groups of academic staff who would like to collaborate on supporting each other's research activities. If you are interested in forming such a group.

please contact:

Dr Sean Sturm
Senior Lecturer
Phone: +64 9 923 3145

Writing and publishing

CLeaR offers workshops aimed at developing your skills as an author and publisher. Workshops include the following topics:

  • Writing and/or presenting conference papers
  • Publishing in journals
  • Turning your thesis into a book
  • Establishing productive writing habits
  • Writing a research profile

To stay informed of upcoming workshops, subscribe to CLeaR Alerts.

We also offer resources to assist writing groups and in planning academic writing retreats. For more information, please get in touch with us via our consultation request form.

Research into teaching

There are many ways you can undertake research into your teaching. At the most basic level, when you use student evaluations of your teaching and/or courses to make changes to your practice, you are undertaking an informal 'evaluation research' project. You can write this up and include it in your teaching portfolio as evidence of your professionalism as a teacher.

Another option is available through CLeaR’s Master of Higher Education. Participants in the programme complete a research project based on their teaching practice that is (co-)supervised by CLeaR’s academic staff. This research option (HIGHED 704) is worth 30 points towards the qualification.

See the Master of Higher Education.

You may also decide to undertake a more formal and sustained research project into your teaching and CLeaR staff can advise you on how to go about this. You will almost always need Human Participants Ethics Committee approval for such a project. To enable us to direct your enquiry to our most qualified expert, please request a consultation.

Most disciplines have journals that publish research into university teaching and learning. We have compiled a starting list that you may like to consult:

A commonly used approach to researching your own teaching is called action research. There are plenty of references to this methodology at Libraries and Learning Services (search the Library catalogue and use 'action research' in the title line).

Libraries and Learning services

  • ResearchSpace
    An open access digital repository of the University's theses, dissertations and other research outputs.

  • Mastering research
    An introduction to the sequence of events in the production and publication cycle of information, with a view to helping you choose the right research tool for your particular task.

  • Soft skills for researchers
    Learning Services offers RefWorks workshops to doctoral candidates; search the catalogue for 'RefWorks'. Additional workshops include data management and Research Outputs, available through the 'Academic staff workshops' link.