SEED Grants for innovation in teaching

SEED Grants provide funding to support innovative or experimental approaches to learning and teaching.


The Schuler Educational Enhancement and Development (SEED) Fund for Innovation in Teaching aims to sow innovative teaching practices across the University and support academics with the resources they need to germinate and flourish. The short-term objective is to identify and cultivate small-scale teaching initiatives that might otherwise fail to take root. The longer-term aim is to propagate an institution-wide culture of educational innovation, experimentation and on-going professional development, thereby lifting the quality of teaching across the University and building stronger communities of practice amongst tertiary teachers.


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Past and present projects

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2020 theme

Designing for Learning

2019 theme

A new Canvas for teaching and learning

2018 theme

He vaka moana: Navigating Māori and Pasifika student success

2017 theme

Writing, writing everywhere