Copyright licences

A copyright licence sets out the terms and conditions under which works subject to the licence can be copied. If you want to use more of a copyrighted work than is specified in the Copyright Act you are required to seek permission from the copyright holder first, unless you have a licence authorising your use.

The University has purchased a number of copyright licences that extend the amount staff can copy for the educational purposes of the University. To fit within the requirement that copying must be for the educational purposes of the University, the reproduction or communication must be made either for use in a particular course provided by the University or for the administration of that course.

None of these licences permit content to be uploaded onto a publicly facing website. The four licences are listed below:

The Copyright Licensing NZ (CLNZ) licence, formerly Copyright Licensing Ltd (CLL)

This licence extends what can be copied under the Copyright Act, but only from hard copy or print books and journals, as well as newspapers and the websites of New Zealand newspapers. A new licence has been in place since 1 January 2015. Under the additional new terms of the licence:

  • Digitisation of content copied under the licence must be requested through Talis, the e-reporting software, which checks compliance with the licence and automates the survey return to CLNZ
  • Students can have course material both as a hard copy course pack and electronically through Talis
  • Out of Print Works can now be made available to students electronically through Talis (with the appropriate permission from CLNZ) as well as in hard copy form.
  • All course materials copied under the licence must uploaded through the Talis by semester one 2016 and the first automated survey report of materials copied under the licence to will be provided to CLNZ mid January 2017.
A summary of the licence can be found on CLNZ website.
Note that the summary is simplified and that staff are still entitled to copy one chapter or 10% of a work, whichever is greater.

The Screenrights licence  

Allows copying in New Zealand of “communication works” these include radio and television broadcasts, cable programmes and films lawfully made available on the Internet. Full information can be found on their website:

The Music licence

Permits copying of most music. Find out more by opening the Universities Music Licence brochure below:
Universities Music Licence

Library Databases

Provides access to electronic resources, such articles from e-journals and e-books, through the Library. The preferred means of distributing this content to students is through a link.  This enables the The University has a number of licence agreements to use and copy e-resources. You will need to consult with your subject librarian before copying material as each "publisher" licence agreement has its own terms and conditions.