Open access and MOOCS

Find out about open access and the massive open online course which delivers learning materials for free via the internet.

Open access

Open access refers to literature, films, music, software and other material that can be read, downloaded, copied and distributed without strict copyright and licensing restrictions. Open access resources are free and easily accessible via the internet. The open access model exists within the constraints of normal copyright law, meaning authors still retain their right to be properly attributed, and for their work to be reproduced faithfully.

If you want to share your work using the open access model you can refer to the Library Guide on Open Access for more information.


A massive open online course (MOOC) delivers learning materials for free via the internet. MOOCs embody the open access philosophy because information is freely accessible to any person that wants to participate. This means users are not required to pay course fees. The University of Auckland has so far developed two MOOCs - see
The EDUCAUSE association has created a useful summary document on MOOCs which can be accessed here:
Also, some strategies dealing with issues relating to the intersection of copyright and MOOCs are outlined in the following blog pages: