About the University LTCP guide

An overview of the learning and teaching continuity planning at the University and guiding principles for teachers.


This guide supports teachers in preparing resilient courses and managing unexpected interruptions to teaching, learning and assessment. All staff with teaching and teaching support responsibilities are encouraged to consider learning continuity and to assume responsibility for being prepared.


This guide has five main parts

Part 1: Pre-Course Planning

  • Course Design
  • Course Syllabus
  • Back-up Teaching Personnel
  • Planning Assignment, Assessment and Grading

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Part 2: The First Class (Looking Ahead)

  • Communications
  • Student Responsibility and Agency


Part 3: During a Disruption

  • Student and Staff Welfare
  • Managing Distressed Students
  • Key Resources for Staff and Students

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Part 4: Ongoing Delivery after a Disruption

  • Loss of Physical Environment
  • Loss of Virtual Environment
  • Simultaneous Loss of both Physical and Virtual Environments

Part 5: Returning to Normality

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Guiding Principles for Teachers

This guide presents staff with a number of response actions that can be taken under a variety of scenarios. It is important to remember that it is not so much the actions that teachers take, but rather how they are taken, communicated, and implemented that make a difference to students responses and learning outcomes. The following is a set of principles to help guide staff in their decision-making in a post-disaster environment.

  • Empathy
  • Routine & structure for students
  • Accessibility & visibility of staff
  • Clear, regular & co-ordinated communication
  • Student & staff wellbeing
  • Academic Integrity

Relationship to faculty Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) are being developed for each faculty under the leadership of the University Risk Office.

BCPs provide a high level view of how resources at a faculty and university level will be mobilised to manage different types of loss (e.g. people, building, IT, equipment) that interrupt our critical business processes (including learning and teaching) and the steps that will be taken to recover operations following an event.

For advice on continuing course delivery following a disruption, contact your faculty’s Business Continuity Leader in the first instance for direction. This LTCP Guide supports BCPs by walking teachers and other staff responsible for delivering coursework through the steps that can be taken at a course level to build resilience and respond to an interruption.