Returning to business as usual

Key considerations for teachers in the months and years after a disaster event.

‘Un-freezing’ temporary workaround practices

After a disaster some workaround practices initially established as temporary procedures may become de facto business as usual.

Some may prove to be particularly effective and enhance learning outcomes for students, in which case cementing them into normal teaching is good practice.

Other workarounds may be less satisfactory and while they might facilitate best endeavours in response to an emergency, they should not be allowed to continue into ongoing practice.

Considerations could include:

  • Review changes made to teaching pedagogy, course assessments, and teacher-student communications.
  • Review any changes made to assessments via AS_64 during/after the disaster scenario.
  • Review the outcomes and consider amending assessments back to original arrangements or modify as appropriate.
  • Review the use of the LMS, lecture recordings and other flexible/blended learning options.
  • Consider options for enhancing resilience in the future.