Programme reviews

Programme reviews assess and enhance the quality of established degree programmes. New degree programmes are assessed by Graduating Year Review.

The results can provide an assurance of quality for students, staff, faculties, the wider university community and external stakeholders. They also provide feedback to faculties, schools and departments to assist them in identifying and making programme improvements.

Established programmes with large enrolments and/or of strategic importance are reviewed by a panel with internal and external membership within a 10-year cycle. Approximately two of these reviews are carried out each year.

Other established programmes are reviewed internally or as part of external accreditation exercises.

Review reports and implementation

Programme review reports are considered by Education Committee, Senate and Council. An implementation plan is prepared by the faculty.

A status report on progress of implementation of recommendations is submitted to Education Committee one year after consideration of the initial review report.

Responses to programme review reports, implementation plans and year-on status reports can be submitted using the appropriate templates:

Schedule of programme reviews


Master of Education, Master of Professional Studies in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Education (Teaching) (Honours) – October


  • Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Postgraduate Diploma in Arts - April
  • Masters, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Science and in Health Sciences - July
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - November

Submissions to current reviews

Submissions should be addressed to the Chair of the Review Committee and sent by email to

Please refer to the Terms of Reference in making your submission.

Contact details

Claire Walters
Adviser (Academic Reviews & Projects)