Student Survey Policy and Register

Student Survey Policy

The University’s Student Survey Policy governs surveying of the student population at the University of Auckland.

All large-scale surveys of students, whether as part of institutional or academic research, must be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). This allows the management of survey time-frames and increases understanding of the purposes and outcomes of collecting information from students.   

The approval requirement also protects the University's core institutional surveys of students:

  • Learning and Teaching Survey (annual)
  • New Students Survey (annual)
  • Graduate Destination Survey (every two years)
  • International Student Barometer (every two years)

Link to the Student Survey Policy 

I want to survey students - what do I need to know?

  • All surveys for the purpose of academic research require ethics approval from the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee 
  • Large-scale surveys of students for institutional research purposes must apply for approval from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)
  • Exemptions to the requirement for approval include: small-scale surveys; service feedback surveys; and the AUSA Survey on the Student Services Levy and other small scale surveys conducted by AUSA

Survey sponsors wishing to conduct surveys of University of Auckland students should fill in and submit the Student Survey Proposal form.  The proposal will be assessed by the Academic Quality Office and and approved by the DVC(A), if suitable. 

Student Survey Calendar 2018 - 2020

If you are applying to survey University of Auckland students, please consult the Calendar and Register and consider best timeframe for your survey, as well as whether the information you need may have been obtained already in another survey.  You may contact the survey sponsor listed on the Survey Register, which is downloadable below.

Survey name/description Core or non-core Recurrent or one-off Survey start and end dates 2018 2019 2020
Learning and Teaching Survey Core Annual Sept - Oct    √    √    √
New Student Survey Core Annual March    √    √    √
International Student Barometer Core Every two years May-June     x    √    x
Graduate Destination Survey Core Every two years November    x    √    x
Doctoral Exit Survey Core Ad hoc - on completion Various    √    √    √
SET Course and Teaching Evaluations Core Every semester and quarter Various    √    √    √
Disability Services Awareness Survey Non-core Recurrent, 2018 and 2020 only 16.4.18 - 30.4.18    √    x    √
An appraisal of depression, anxiety and stress among Pacific youth at a New Zealand university



One-off 1.5.18 - 1.6.18    √    x    x
Exploring the possibilityof a formative evaluation tool 'FET': Resource for tertiary teachers



Recurrent First half semesters 1 and 2, 2018
  √    x    x
Faculty of Science PG
student survey
Non-core One-off August 2018   √     x     x

The Student Survey Register with full details of previously approved surveys, including sample size and population, and survey sponsor entity or personnel.