SET FAQs for students

What does SET stand for?
Summative Evaluation Tool.

Do I have to complete evaluations?
No. The completion of evaluations is voluntary. However, feedback from students is really important to enable us to improve courses and teaching, so please consider spending a few minutes to help enhance the learning experience at the University.

How many evaluations will I need to complete?
You will receive a SET evaluation request for each taught course you are in enrolled in, each semester. The SET evaluation will include questions about the course and about your teachers.

How do I know I have an evaluation to complete?
You will receive an email with a list of evaluations due for completion. The email will have a link through to the SET system. You will also be able to see evaluations due to be completed under SET Reports within your Canvas course pages. If you receive the notification and reminder emails, but could not find SET Reports, please contact your Course Director and/or Lecturers and ask them to make SET Reports visible in CANVAS. Your teachers may make an announcement in class or through Canvas when evaluations open.

What if I could not see my teacher in the evaluation?
If your teacher is a tutor or GTA they are not eligible for SET evaluation.

How is my feedback kept confidential?
Responses of individual students remain confidential. Student ID numbers and/or names will never be identified in reporting.

How can I provide feedback on my GTA or tutor?
Tutors, graduate teaching assistants and demonstrators can seek feedback on their teaching using formative evaluation - for example, a quick survey. Specific issues may also be discussed with the course director or with your class representative.

What if I read the scale wrong and submit the wrong ratings on my SET evaluation?
Unfortunately, once the evaluation has been submitted your response may not be changed. Please ensure that you check your evaluation carefully before submission. 


In the first instance please contact please contact your Course Director and/or Lecturers with any questions about SET evaluations for your courses. 

SET course and teaching evaluations are managed by the Academic Quality Office in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. Any further queries may be directed to the Evaluation Coordinator,