What happens after I submit my evaluation?

How are SET results used?

Student feedback received through SET is carefully analysed and considered by teachers on your course, as well as by other University staff.

SET results are used in the following ways at the University of Auckland:

  • To help an individual teacher reflect on their teaching.

  • To inform feedback to students at the conclusion of a course.

  • To assist Course Directors to identify any issues with a course.

  • In teaching portfolios.

  • In aggregated form to inform discussions on the quality of courses and teaching in the University.

  • To report back to the University community on quality assurance of courses and teaching.

  • As part of academic career portfolios for Academic Performance Review or promotions or continuations application.

  • As part of formal course review. A course review prompts teaching staff to reflect on all aspects of course structure, content, delivery and assessment, examining what went well and what changes are required. It also provides the opportunity to re-assess the appropriateness of learning outcomes, review feedback from any evaluations conducted that semester, and discuss plans for the course. The completed course review accompanied by the course outline issued to students, copies of tests, assignments and exams, mark sheets, and course evaluations (if applicable) forms a useful package of information about the course that is held by Academic Heads. 

Closing the loop

Teachers are encouraged to report back to the class on evaluation results, and what they might do in response to student feedback. This will usually be done through Canvas, and through a briefing to next year’s class about what changes have been made.

This is an example of feedback to a class through an announcement in Canvas.

Dear students,
I have gone through the results and comments for the course survey that you completed…

…For next year, we will be making changes to address these concerns.

For example, the number of tasks in the lab will be reduced and we will try splitting the lab into two 1-hr sessions per week instead of one 2-hr session per week (assuming it can be done from lab availability and timetabling aspects…). We will also have more lab TAs in the week when the lab is due.

Thanks again for your useful feedback.
Teacher X