What you say matters...

What is SET?

SET stands for Summative Evaluation Tool and it is the online platform through which you complete evaluations of your courses and teachers.

SET generates an evaluation for all of your eligible courses in each semester, and sends you a link to complete your evaluation(s).  

Course and teaching evaluations allow you to provide constructive, honest feedback that can help a teacher or teaching team to make improvements to a course.

Course evaluations are used by teachers in their review of a course, and what students say can make a difference the next time a course is taught.  They are also an important part of the University's quality assurance processes.

How do I complete an evaluation?

See which evaluations you need to complete through the ‘SET evaluations' menu option on your course page in Canvas. 

When you access your evaluation, you will be asked to answer questions on your course and on your teachers by selecting a rating on a scale. Tutors and GTAs are not eligible for SET evaluation, so will not appear on the online form.

You will have the opportunity to comment on what you enjoyed most about the course (or teaching), and on what could be improved.

SET Evaluations can be completed anytime, on any device (even on the bus using your iPhone!) during the evaluation periods.

You may save an evaluation in progress, and return to complete it at a later date. Please remember to SUBMIT your evaluations, or they will not be counted!