Student Survey Policy and Register

Student Survey Policy

The University’s Student Survey Policy governs surveying of the student population at the University of Auckland.

All large-scale surveys of students, whether as part of institutional or academic research, must be approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education). This allows the management of survey time-frames and increases understanding of the purposes and outcomes of collecting information from students.   

The approval requirement also protects the University's core institutional surveys of students:

  • Learning and Teaching Survey (annual)
  • New Students Survey (annual)
  • Graduate Destination Survey (every two years)
  • International Student Barometer (every two years)

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I want to survey students - what do I need to know?

  • All surveys for the purpose of academic research require ethics approval from the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee 
  • Large-scale surveys of students for institutional research purposes must apply for approval from the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)
  • Exemptions to the requirement for approval include: small-scale surveys; service feedback surveys; and the AUSA Survey on the Student Services Levy and other small scale surveys conducted by AUSA

Survey sponsors wishing to conduct surveys of University of Auckland students should fill in and submit the Student Survey Proposal form.  The proposal will be assessed by the Academic Quality Office and and approved by the PVC(E), if suitable. 

University Surveys of Students

If you are applying to survey University of Auckland students, please consult the list of core surveys below and download the Survey Register to consider the best timeframe for your survey, as well as whether the information you need may have been obtained already in another survey.  You may contact the survey sponsor listed on the Survey Register.

University Core Surveys

SET Course and Teaching Evaluations: Last 2 teaching weeks of each term

New Student Survey: March (week 3 or 4 of semester)

Learning and Teaching Survey: September - October

Doctoral Exit Survey: Ad hoc (on submission)

Graduate Destinations Survey: November

All 2021-22 University-Approved Surveys


If you have any questions about surveying students at the University of Auckland, please contact