Assessment 2020

Information for staff and students on the University’s new assessment policy.

The University’s Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) Policy and Procedures come into effect in Summer School 2020 and apply to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses.

The new policy emphasises consistency, transparency, fairness and a holistic approach to assessment design and practice.

Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) Policy

Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) Procedures

Nine principles of assessment

The nine principles of assessment that underpin the new policy and procedures are:

1.  Assessment is learning-oriented through tasks which require the understanding, analysis, synthesis and/or creation of new information, concepts, and/or creative works.

2. Assessment design is coherent and supports learning progression within courses and across programmes.

3.  Assessment tasks are demonstrably aligned with course-level learning outcomes, and programme and University-level Graduate Profiles.

4.  Assessment is reliable and valid, and is carried out in a manner that is inclusive and equitable.

5.  Assessment practices are consistent and transparent, and assessment details are available to students in a timely manner.

6.  Feedback is timely and provides meaningful guidance to support independent learning.

7.  Assessment design and practices support academic integrity.

8.  Professional development opportunities and guidance related to the design, implementation and moderation of assessment are available to staff.

9.  Assessment is manageable and quality assured.