Assessment 2020 for students

Important information for students about the University's new assessment policy, coming into effect Summer School 2020.

What is new?

The new assessment policy was designed in consultation with students and addresses University-wide assessment issues identified through SET Course and Teaching Evaluations and the Learning and Teaching Survey.

Assessment design

The new policy requires assessment design to be carefully considered across courses and programmes and against programme-level graduate profiles.  Assessment will be linked to the outcomes of a course, and in turn, to the outcomes of a programme.

There will also be limit on the amount of assessment in a course that can be a test or an exam, encouraging more diverse assessment and opportunities for feedback.  This will also help to avoid assessment 'bunching', which we know causes stress for students.

Assessment expectations and criteria

All assessment will be criterion-referenced. This means students will get clear information when assessment tasks are set about what is expected and the criteria against which they will be graded or marked on a task.

Course outlines will be on Canvas two weeks prior to the start of teaching and will contain overview information about assessment in a course.

Group work

Students have told us that the assessment of group work often feels unfair as a group of students will receive the same mark, regardless of differences in contributions to the work.  From 2020 for significant group work projects (or for where group work tasks form a significant part of a course) a minimum component of the task must assess the contribution of individuals.

Feedback to students

From 2020 an early, low-stakes task will allow students to get feedback early in the course before the first assessment so they can see how they are going.  More emphasis will be put on providing useful and timely feedback on all assessments.

Marking and grading

A grade scale will be adopted consistently across the University.

Further information