Online Learning Evaluations

Online Learning Evaluations or "OLEs" will replace SET surveys for Semester 1 and Quarter 2, and for online students only in Semester 2.

Why should I complete the OLEs?

This feedback will help the University understand how the rapid pivot to online learning went for you, as well as to help shape how the class is run in the future.  

The feedback is reported anonymously in aggregate to the faculties and to the teachers.  It is really helpful for the University if you can answer these questions as constructively and honestly as possible.

What is the difference between SET and OLEs?

Both SET and OLEs are a way of letting the University know how you felt your course went in the past semester or quarter.

The biggest differences are

  • OLE questions were specifically tailored for the online teaching and learning scenario
  • You will complete the OLEs after your final assessment in each course, so the University can gather information on how any new types of online and final assessment went for you. 

When should I complete the OLEs?

You should complete one for each course AFTER you have done your final assessment for the course.

The opening and closing dates are:

Semester One 2020: Monday 29 June - Monday 13 July 

Quarter Two 2020: Monday 22 June - Sunday 5 July

What should I do to complete the OLEs?

You will get an email when the OLEs open and a reminder before they shut.  You can access them the same way you would normally access SET - via a link in the email reminder or on your Canvas course pages.  If you receive the notification and reminder emails, but cannot find the OLEs, please contact your Course Director and/or Lecturers and ask them to make these visible in Canvas.

How is my feedback kept confidential?

Responses of individual students remain confidential. Student ID numbers and/or names will never be identified in reporting.


In the first instance please contact your Course Director and/or Lecturers with any questions about Online Learning Evaluations (OLEs) for your courses.

OLE course and teaching evaluations are managed by the Academic Quality Office in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. Any further queries may be directed to the Evaluation Coordinator,