Staff development for learning and teaching

CLeaR, Libraries and Learning Services, and DELNA provide a range of services to improve and support the learning, teaching and research experiences within the University.

Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education (CLeaR)

CLeaR is our hub for higher education learning and research. We work with academics at all levels of experience and engagement to develop, document and research their teaching.

Academic development

CLeaR academic staff offer a range of academic development programmes, scheduled and invited workshops, seminars and consultations that assist dynamic learning and teaching along with strategic management of research and academic identity.

Elearning support

CLeaR helps academics to explore, plan and experiment with options for innovative learning and teaching through use of technology that allows better organisation, use of rich media, student collaboration and critical thinking.

Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Academic leadership programmes

People and Organisational Development offers courses and programmes for those who are responsible for managing and leading other staff.

Leadership programmes  [staff only]

Libraries and Learning Services

Libraries and Learning Services is committed to providing library, academic literacy and English language services to enhance the teaching, learning, research, scholarship and creative work of staff and students. Contact our staff to discuss opportunities to integrate writing, research and study skills into course content and assessments.

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Subject Librarians

Subject librarians offer workshops, online resources and consultations to support staff and students with their information, learning and research requirements.

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Student Learning Services

Student Learning Services provide learning support via workshops, online resources and consultations to assist students to develop the academic skills needed to succeed at University.

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English Language Enrichment (ELE)

ELE provides resources and advice for any student wanting to improve their academic English.

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Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment (DELNA)

DELNA is an assessment/diagnostic procedure which all first-year students are required to complete. It is designed to identify students' strengths and weaknesses in academic English and then guide them to the most appropriate form of language enrichment at the University.

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Multimedia Services

University Media Productions

For professional photographic and television production services, in support of teaching, research and public relations.

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