2017 Learning and Teaching Survey

The Survey closed on 6 October 2017. We had over 3,500 responses and will soon be releasing a summary of your comments.

Win an iPad Pro! (2017 Winner - Tiffany Chen)

Winners - Survey Prize Draws

We've now held all three prize draws for people who  completed the Learning and Teaching Survey. Thanks very much for your participation and we look forward to collating the results and letting you know what students said in 2017!

iPad Winners - 3 of 3 iPads

iPad 1 - Tiffany Chen

iPad 2 - Jose Manaloto 

iPad 3 -  Nur Shahira Habi Bollah

Voucher Winners - 50 of 50 vouchers

Voucher Prize Draw One

Manisha Arjun
Noriko Asano
Christopher Ashforth
Emily Barry
Liam Bass
Michelle Chan
Coline Chan
Hing Yin Fung
Karen Goldwyn
Tayla Harding
Kym Harper
Angaline Krishna
Kajal Kumar
Callum Lamont
Rui Luo
Shelby McDonald
Mason Ng
Bo Pang
So Yoon Park
Dewy Sacayan
Chelsea Stringer
Daniel Valley
Yiyan Wang
Tyler Waters
Lydia Zhang

Voucher Prize Draw Two

Declan Bell
Tristan Bettesworth
Ariel Buchwald-Kearney
Cathlina Esclamado
Tevita Faleafa
Kajal Gounder
Karen Ho
Esther Kim
Rebekah Kuek
Murdo MacKellar
Suzanne Mckay
Ashley Quinn
Emma Richardson
Daniel Tukiri
Cassey Wan

Voucher Prize Draw Three

Yuhuan Cai
Amy Chen
Olivia Cuff
Fifita Finau
James Grant
Jason Jiang
Lilly Peacocke
Farhan Rahman
Franklin Wang
Danielle Wyatt

Learning and Teaching Survey - the basics

Survey opening date: Monday 18 September 2017

Survey closing date: Friday 6 October 2017

Purpose of survey: Questions have an emphasis on the learning and teaching aspects of students’ experience University as well as social factors which support students’ learning.  Survey results are reported in aggregate to faculties each year and assist faculties to set priorities and areas of focus in learning and teaching.

See 'Related Links' for more detailed information on how survey results help us to improve the University experience based on students' feedback.

Why didn't I get an invitation to participate this year? We generate a random sample of IDs in order to ensure the validity of the survey. Only students who receive a notification and a unique link are able to participate.

If you didn't receive a link for the student Learning and Teaching Survey this year, you may have an opportunity to participate another year as the University carries out the survey every year.

Prizes: there are three iPads with smart keyboards to be won and 50x $20 campus food vouchers.  Prizes will be drawn weekly, and students will be notified via their University email and on the University Facebook page.

More about the Survey

The University runs a Learning and Teaching Survey every year so we can understand how things are going for students and make positive changes around the University based on student feedback.

We ask a random (representative) sample of students for feedback on their experience at the University, so if you have been invited please let us know what you think, so we can build on what we’re getting right and make improvements where things aren’t working.

Please note that emails will have the ‘from’ address: studentsurvey@qs.auckland.ac.nz

If you have questions about the survey, please contact AskAuckland at studentinfo@auckland.ac.nz or on 0800 61 62 63.