Learning and Teaching Survey

A random sample of 10,000 students are selected to complete this survey every year. The survey runs from mid-September to early October.


30 September, 2019: We are tracking well with 3,000 students having completed the survey and two more weeks to go of the survey period. Our response target for the Learning and Teaching Survey in 2019 is 5,000 students (of 10,000 sent the survey). Thank you staff and students for your participation and promotion of the survey!  Let's get to 5,000.

Learning and Teaching Survey: the basics

Survey opening date: Monday 23 September 2019

Survey closing date: Sunday 13 October 2019

Purpose of survey: The University runs the  Learning and Teaching Survey every year so we can understand how things are going for students and make positive changes around the University based on student feedback. This survey is the main way the University gathers information from students about their overall experience of studying at this University, and uses the information to set priorities for the next year(s). 

Why doesn't each student get an invitation to participate every year?   We generate a random sample of IDs in order to ensure the validity of the survey. Only students who receive a notification and a unique link are able to participate.

If a student didn't receive a link for the student Learning and Teaching Survey this year, they may have an opportunity to participate another year as the University carries out the survey every year.

Prizes: There are three iPad Air 256GB with smart keyboards and 15 powerbanks to be won!  Prizes will be drawn after the survey closes, and students will be notified via their University email and on the University Facebook page.

Please note that Survey email invites will have the ‘from’ address: studentsurvey@qs.auckland.ac.nz

Staff Resources for Survey Promotion

Staff can do a lot to help students understand the importance of the Learning and Teaching Survey, and we have created resources to assist staff to communicate with students about the survey.  PowerPoint slides about the survey can be shown in class, and these will also be displayed on screens throughout the faculties.   

2018 Survey Results

In 2018, 3,763 students completed the 2018 Learning and Teaching Survey. You can see infographics and tables in the documents below which summarise what students said in 2018 on the survey.

How does the University use the student feedback?

Analysis of rated questions and open-ended comments provides important information to the University about students’ experience of learning and teaching. Results are reported to University committees and to faculties and service divisions.

What happens next?

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Academic) meets with each faculty dean and senior staff to review what students have said and what is planned in response. Student feedback is used to help determine University and faculty priorities for the next year.

What is the University doing in response in 2019?

We are working on:

  • implementing a new assessment policy for 2020, which will help address feedback issues and introduce an individual aspect to group project assessment
  • continuing to improve usability of the University website
  • recording all lectures and releasing them to students on Canvas from Semester 2, 2019
  • improving consistency in how course information is presented in Canvas

Download the files above for more information on what students said in the 2018 Learning and Teaching Survey.

More about the Survey

We ask a random (representative) sample of students for feedback on their experience at the University, so if you have been invited please let us know what you think, so we can build on what we’re getting right and make improvements where things aren’t working.

Questions have an emphasis on the learning and teaching aspects of students’ experience University as well as social factors which support students’ learning.  Survey results are reported in aggregate to faculties each year and assist faculties to set priorities and areas of focus in learning and teaching.

See 'Related Links' for more detailed information on how survey results help us to improve the University experience based on students' feedback.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact AskAuckland at studentinfo@auckland.ac.nz or on 0800 61 62 63.