University improvements

Find out how we are improving for the benefit of all students.

Learning, teaching and research

What students would like to see How the University is improving  
University Graduate Profile
The University revised its Graduate Profile in late 2015, and in 2017 faculties began the process of embedding programme graduate profiles.  A graduate profile plays an important role in communicating a university’s aspirations for its graduates and the value of an education from that institution. A graduate profile engages academics and students by creating a framework which can assist with a holistic approach to curriculum planning and assessment, and with achieving the best possible outcomes for learners.
Improvements to the Learning Management System
In 2016, we launched a new Learning Management System, Canvas, which has enhanced functionality for students, including more consistent and easily-accessed course related information. In the 2016 Learning and Teaching Survey 86% of undergraduate respondents were satisfied with Canvas, but students commented they would like to see more consistency in how information was added to course pages. In 2017 the University is working to enhance the way Canvas is used, and continues to provide resources and support for Canvas staff users.
Improvements to the quality of academic advice

The University will continue to monitor the quality of academic advice through on-going reporting on call centre, email and faculty student centre services, and through student feedback.

In the 2016 Learning and Teaching Survey, a particular issue was identified with academic advice services to conjoint students.  Work has begun in faculty student centres to create more targeted advice resources for conjoint students. 

Feedback on academic work Student satisfaction with feedback remains an issue.The University Teaching and Learning Quality Committee has appointed an Assessment Working Group to look at a broad range of issues across assessment in the University, including the student experience of feedback. 
Group work assessment 2016 Learning and Teaching Survey results suggest that students do not always perceive the design of assessment for group projects to be fair. The Assessment Working Group (University Teaching and Learning Quality Committee) is investigating this issue in 2017.  
Feedback to students on Learning and Teaching
Survey results
The University has published feedback on the 2016 Learning and Teaching Survey for students.  An annual report to students on survey results will be published on the Student Feedback section of the Learning and Teaching website.  

Student services

Improvement project Details
Improvements to the University of Auckland
The Web Presence Improvement Programme is working to redevelop the University’s website to meet the needs all members of the University community. New information architecture is supporting clearer, current and more consistent information for staff and students. 160 new academic programme pages were published in July 2017, and new study options pages will be released later in the year.
The write@uni online resource was developed by Libraries and Learning Services and aims to promote greater awareness for all students of the basic concepts and principles underpinning academic writing at the tertiary level. Five modules contain interactive elements to promote student understanding and reflection.
Student Services Online (SSO)
Student Services Online was upgraded in August 2017. The upgrade makes SSO more accessible through mobile and touch-screen devices.
Online application for aegrotat and
compassionate consideration
The University has introduced an online application process for aegrotat and compassionate consideration (final exams only).
My eQuals

Students and graduates can now access certified digital copies of their transcripts, certificates and official letters through My eQuals.

My eQuals, a secure online credentials service went live in April 2017, giving students and graduates the ability to view, download and securely share their academic records online, with anyone they choose.

Online orientation and first-year transition Campus Life conducts an annual ‘New Students’ Survey in March, which monitors student experiences in transition, and satisfaction with orientation and transition services. Feedback from this survey will help Campus Life to make continuous improvements to orientation resources for students.
Summative Evaluation Tool (SET)

Course and teaching evaluations are conducted online, through the ‘SET’ (Summative Evaluation of Teaching) system.

Students may complete evaluations online anywhere, at any time during the evaluation period.

A major advantage of the new tool is the ability for reports to be generated immediately after the evaluation period, providing time for teachers to give feedback to students about the evaluations.

Building projects

We are committed to providing students with a first-rate, international-standard teaching, learning and research environment. We have launched a massive investment programme, totalling nearly $500 million to improve the University's infrastructure, systems and buildings.

Here is a sample of projects currently underway that will improve the environment for students.

Improvement project   Details  
Science Centre

The Science Centre, opened in 2016, provides state of the art research and teaching facilities for the Faculty of Science and a new entranceway to the University.

The new building (Building 302) comprises 11 stories and a basement, with a total floor area of 23,500m2. Much of the adjacent tower building will also be refurbished, giving a total of almost 38,000 m2 of new or refurbished space.

New engineering building

In April 2015, the University Council approved the case for the construction of a new building for the Faculty of Engineering on the City Campus.

The 11-storey building will be constructed on the site of the current 403/404 building (the part of the existing Engineering facility that looks out over the Grafton Gully and motorway).

We aim to have the building open for occupation for Semester One 2019.

and the environment

The University, through its Sustainability and Environment Office, is continuing to integrate sustainability values into its activities.

The Office engages with staff and students on sustainability issues. Across the University sustainability is supported by Faculty Networks, Campus Life initiatives, and operational advisory groups.

In 2017, the University trialled new control systems in learning spaces, along with new energy-efficient lighting. These systems are now being rolled out to lecture theatres and other building spaces across the University.

Initially trialled in lecture theatres in Law, Engineering and School of Biological Sciences buildings, new lighting controls have been added in three large theatres in the Business School, along with the replacement of fluorescent lights with energy-saving LED units. Similar improvements are being made in other university spaces as part of an on-going rollout.