How students provide feedback

Find out about the ways in which students can provide feedback on their experiences


Students can provide feedback on their experiences in courses by completing course and teaching evaluations through the SET, the University's Summative Evaluation Tool.  For more information see Guide to SET for Students.

Learning and Teaching Survey

Students can give us feedback on their overall experience of learning and teaching through the annual Learning and Teaching survey that a sample of students is asked to complete each year.

Transition to university

In March each year, students are asked for feedback on their experiences of orientation and transition to university.  

International student experience

International students may be asked to provide feedback through the bi-annual International Student Barometer Survey.

Doctoral students

Doctoral students complete an exit survey on their experiences of doctoral study and supervision, and an annual report on this survey is discussed by the Board of Graduate Studies.

Student representatives

Volunteering as a class representative is an excellent opportunity to provide feedback, and to pass on the feedback of your peers to your teachers.  Class representatives can also participate in academic unit and faculty-level staff-student consultative committees.

Student representatives sit on all of the University's key academic committees, including Senate, Education Committee, Academic Programmes Committee and Teaching and Learning Quality Committee.  Representatives from the Postgraduate Students Association sit on the Board of Graduate Studies.

Elected student representatives from the different student associations across the University attend the Vice-Chancellor's Student Consultative Committee where they discuss issues of importance to students with the Vice-Chancellor and senior staff.

Student representation is coordinated by AUSA.  For more information, see AUSA Class Representatives.

Other ways students are involved

Students may also make submissions to academic unit and disciplinary area reviews or reviews of programmes.  Students are also involved in preparation for whole-of-institution academic audits. 

Student focus groups are frequently convened when feedback is required on specific University projects or initiatives.