What did students say?

Find out some of the things students said in response to surveys and evaluations.

According to the latest learning and teaching survey, what do students like about the University of Auckland?

Quite a lot, including:

  • The challenge and intellectual stimulation of programmes of study.
  • The high quality of standards in programmes.
  • The overall quality of teaching.The overall University experience.
  • The ability to acquire new skills or develop existing ones.
  • Easy access to course materials.
  • Access to lecture recordings.
  • Group work in courses.
  • New and improved University buildings and facilities.
  • Services supporting orientation and the first year experience.
  • Tuākana.
  • Improved wireless connectivity.

What do some students want to see improved?

Among the items highlighted in survey responses are:

  • The consistency and quality of academic advice.

A question on academic advice returned lower agreement ratings. Student comments noted a need for clearer programme advice, particularly for degree planning, and choosing majors and electives. This was especially the case for conjoint students.

Students also requested more clarity around where to go for advice, and more consistency in the advice provided to students.

  • Feedback on academic work

Students were keen to have more feedback on their work, and feedback that is more helpful/individualised to improve their learning, including examples of good work.

  • Assessment scheduling and coordination

Some students were concerned about 'bunching' of assessments, and wanted workload to be spread more evenly throughout the semester.

  • Improvement in assessment of group work.

Students were concerned about the design and fairness of assessment for group work projects.

  • More opportunities for experiential learning in some areas.

Some parts of the University have compulsory practicums and these are generally rated highly, but students in other areas would like to see more opportunities for internships and other experiences that would assist their learning in practical ways.

SET (Summative Evaluation Tool)

What did students say about their courses?  In 2018, 80% of University courses evaluated scored more than 70% on the ‘overall quality of the course' question.  Areas that some students would like to see improvements are: more consistent organisation of materials on Canvas, more feedback on their work, clear and consistent communication around assessments and deadline.  For improvements that the University and faculties are making in response to this feedback, see University improvements.

One of the key responsibilities of academic staff is to give students some feedback on the results of course evaluations undertaken in SET. Course and teaching evaluations give teachers and academic managers important information about students’ experiences in their courses. For more information about how the course evaluations work see SET for Students.