What do students say?

Find out some of the things students said in response to surveys and evaluations

Annual Learning and Teaching Survey

The results of the annual Learning and Teaching Survey are discussed every year with students through Teaching and Learning Quality Committee and the Vice-Chancellor’s Consultative Committee.

Some key points from the 2017 survey were:

  • overall satisfaction with the University of Auckland experience and the quality of programmes remains high 
  • students find their programmes intellectually stimulating and challenging
  • students feel overall that teaching staff are helpful and considerate, and they are encouraged to ask questions 
  • there is a high level of satisfaction with the University’s Libraries and Learning Services as well as Canvas
  • in open-ended comments students report that they love the freedom to learn at University, meeting new people and undertaking new challenges


  • students would like to feel a stronger sense of 'belonging' to the University community, faculty or department
  • students would like to see improvements in the University’s website
  • both undergraduate and postgraduate students would like to have more, and more timely, feedback on their work
  • students would like to have more opportunities to develop skills useful in the workplace
  • some students felt that the University’s social atmosphere could be more enjoyable

2017 Learning and Teaching Survey Results

2016 Learning and Teaching Survey Results

SET (Summative Evaluation Tool)

In 2017, 72% of University courses evaluated scored more than 70% on the ‘overall quality of the course' question.

One of the key responsibilities of academic staff is to give students some feedback on the results of course evaluations undertaken in SET.

Course and teaching evaluations give teachers and academic managers important information about students’ experiences in their courses.

For more information about how the course evaluations work see  SET for Students.