2016 Learning Enhancement Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following project teams who have been awarded a grant in the 2016 round. The projects will be undertaken in 2017.


A cross-faculty project designed to help students become familiar with how experts extract information from visual data.

Project team: Dr Greg Minissale (lead), Associate Professor Tony Lambert, Dr Christof Lutteroth, Dr Gerald Weber

Creating and Integrating Video Clips to Develop Music Historical Literacy Skills

This project is exploring the use of two-way student-created video.

Project team: Dr Nancy November (lead), Mrs Phillippa McKeown-Green, Ms Stephanie Cook


This project is testing the transferability of a studio pedagogy across disciplines.

Project team: Associate Professor Nicholas Rowe (lead), Dr Rose Martin (lead), Associate Professor Ralph Buck, Dr Nasser Giacaman, Dr Oliver Sinnen

Supporting Extramural Communities in Mathematics

A project targeted at supporting high school-based distance learners in a large Stage I course that is part of the University’s Young Scholars Programme.

Project team: Dr Padraic Bartlett (lead), Dr Julia Novak, Dr Igor’ Kontorovich