2018 Learning Enhancement Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following project teams who have been awarded a grant in the 2018 round. The projects will be undertaken in 2019.

Demystifying the code : Programming without code

This project will develop an approach for teaching novice programmers that focuses on conceptual understanding (via a visual approach) before proceeding to the detailed implementation of code.

Project team: Nasser Giacaman (lead) and Andrew Luxton-Reilly

Personal Development for Professional Success

This project aims to develop a blended learning model for PG (sub doctoral) engineering students that creates the framework for developing an inspirational and dynamic personal development plan.

Project team: Monique Warder and Erik van den Top (leads), Sam Lagos and Kevin Kempin

Personalising Canvas Quiz Feedback for Students

This project aims to combine the approach to personalised feedback offered by MCQResults with the rich (but complex) data generated through Canvas quizzes.

Project team: Kaitlin Beare (lead), Brent Copp, Roger Booth, Daniel Exeter

Enhancement of a discovery-based laboratory program for final year undergraduates studying Molecular Biology

This project aims to involve students in authentic research exercises as part of their coursework in a way that is scaleable and suitable for implementation in large undergraduate classes.

Project team: Richard Kingston (lead), Shaun Lott, Esther Bulloch, Bevan Weir

Technology for Equitable Learning Opportunities and Design

This project will develop institutional strategies and video resources for promoting and implementing equitable learning design at scale, based on research-informed frameworks.

Project team: Ashwini Datt (lead), Michelle Honey, Steve Leichtweis

Enhanced Peer Learning with Video Technology

This project will pilot and report on the use of a video annotation tool to enhance feedback, medical student reflection and to develop peer learning skills during clinical rotations.

Project team: Nichola Wilson (lead), Pauline Cooper-Ioelu, Steve Stanley, Benjamin Loveday

Blockchain-based Accreditation for Formal and Informal Learning

This project aims to investigate the use of blockchain technology in education to inform an accreditation system for formal and informal learning activities at the University of Auckland.

Project team: Johnny Chan (lead), David Sundaram, Shohil Kishore