Special exam conditions

Temporary or permanent disabilities or conditions

If you have a temporary or permanent disability or condition that affects your ability to sit exams or written tests under the prescribed conditions, you may apply to sit under special conditions which take account of the particular impairment. For example, someone who has injured a writing hand or arm may be supplied with a writer (amanuensis).

Applications for the approval of ongoing special conditions for a permanent impairment must be made no later than the end of the sixth week following the commencement of lectures. Applications for temporary conditions must be made as soon as possible.

The Examinations Office requires three working days to implement special conditions for any temporary impairment. If your exam falls within these three days, you will need to apply for an aegrotat. Please see Aegrotat or Compassionate Consideration for more information. 

For further details, read our policy on Special Conditions for Written Tests and Examinations.

How to apply for special examination conditions

If you require special examination conditions, you must apply and have your requirements assessed at either:

Please note that special arrangements and supervision are organised for your particular circumstances. If you are not intending or are unable to sit your exam under these special conditions, you must inform the Examinations Office in advance as soon as possible. Email specialexams@auckland.ac.nz.

Students with special conditions

The files below contain detailed information about sitting your exam under special conditions.