Inspera online assessments

In 2020, the University began using a system called Inspera to run online, computer-based exams. 

The benefits of running these assessments online include: 

  • We can run similar assessments for students both on campus and remotely; 
  • It's easier for students to type and edit their answers; 
  • It's easier for markers to read answers; 
  • We use less paper. 

On this page you'll find helpful information about the things you need to prepare or do differently for an Inspera online assessment. 

The rules for an online exam are the same as a paper-based exam, so make sure that you are also familiar with the general Examination Instructions and Regulations which apply.

Preparing for your exam

1. Decide if you want to use your own laptop 

You will have access to a University computer lab for your exam, so you do not need to bring your own computer. However, we do encourage you to bring your own laptop, so long as it meets the technical requirements for using Inspera. When surveyed, most students told us that they preferred the experience of using their own laptop. Using a tablet (iPad or Android) or Chromebook will not be allowed.

2. Set up Safe Exam Browser on your computer

If your assessment is using a Safe Exam Browser (SEB), you will be told in advance and sent instructions on how to set this up. For more information you can read the SEB set-up instructions provided by Inspera.

3. Complete a demo assessment

There is a demo feature within Inspera that you can use any time. We highly recommend that you practice before your assessment day to test that your computer is working with the software and so that you are familiar with how your exam will work. There are two versions of the demo assessment, one with and one without Safe Exam Browser. You can access these at any time by logging into Inspera at using your University sign-in details, and selecting the Demo tests tab.

Sitting your exam

Before you arrive 

If you are using your own laptop, please make sure that it is sufficiently charged for the assessment.

You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your assessment start time. If you aren’t familiar with the locations of the University rooms or computer labs, you may want to allow extra time to find the room.

If you are using a University computer, arriving earlier will give you sufficient time to log on to the computer and get yourself set up. You will need to log in to the University computer using your University-provided sign-in details, so please take note of these before your exam if you are not familiar with them.

During your exam

1. Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect to “UoA-WIFI’, as any other connection will automatically time out.

2. Get comfortable 

For exams, we will provide ear plugs so you don’t get distracted by others using keyboards. If you want paper to take your own notes please ask the supervisor in the room.

3. Open your exam

Your supervisor will explain to you how to access your assessment from Canvas. From Canvas you will launch Inspera, where you will be able to see the exam that has been assigned to you.

4. Sit your exam

When your group are ready to start the exam, the supervisor will let you know, and you can press the Start Test button. If you are using the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) option, your supervisor will let you know the SEB password to allow you to access the exam. On the last page of your assessment in Inspera you will see a summary of which questions you have attempted. Check this page, before submitting your answers.

After your exam

After your exam has been graded and your results have been published, you can view your results by logging in to your Inspera dashboard. You will be able to see your submitted exam script under the Archive tab.

Need help?

If you have any questions about your online assessment, first ask the teaching staff for your course. 

More information is also available on the Inspera Help Centre.


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