Graduation ceremony schedule

We will always endeavour to keep the schedule precisely as advertised below – however, we occasionally (rarely) need to move students between ceremonies to ensure the quality of the ceremonies.

Autumn 2020 Graduation

The Autumn 2020 ceremony schedules are below. These will be held over the following dates:

  • Monday 4 May
  • Wednesday 6 May 
  • Friday 8 May

We reserve the right to make changes to this schedule to ensure even numbers across the ceremonies which gives attendees a better experience.

The final schedule will only be fully confirmed after the closing date but we can advise that the days will not change.

We do not recommend booking any flights or making travel plans before you have received your confirmation to graduate. This is sent after the closing date, along with full ceremony details to your University student email.

Monday 4 May 


Ceremony 1 - 10.30am
Faculty of Science 

Ceremony 2 - 1.30pm
Faculty of Science 

Ceremony 3 - 4.30pm
Faculty of Engineering 

Ceremony 4 - 7.30pm
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences 

Wednesday 6 May 


Ceremony 5 - 10.30am
Faculty of Arts

Ceremony 6 - 1.30pm
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education & Social Work

Ceremony 7 - 4.30pm
Faculty of Education & Social Work 

Friday 8 May 


Ceremony 8 - 10.30am
Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries 
Faculty of Law 

Ceremony 9 - 1.30pm
Faculty of Business & Economics 

Ceremony 10 - 4.30pm
Faculty of Business & Economics