Graduation ceremony schedule

We will always endeavour to keep the schedule precisely as advertised below – however, we occasionally (rarely) need to move students between ceremonies to ensure the quality of the ceremonies.

November 2019 Graduation

The November ceremony schedules are below. These will be held over two dates, Friday 15 November and Friday 29 November. 

We reserve the right to make changes to this schedule

We do not recommend booking any flights before you have received your confirmation to graduate, this is sent after the closing date with ceremony details.

Friday 15 November

Ceremony 1 - 1.30pm

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)
PhD School of Medicine

Friday 29 November  

Ceremony 2 - 10am

Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Nursing Conjoints
Bachelor of Optometry
Bachelor of Pharmacy
PhD - from the schools of Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy

Ceremony 3 - 1:30pm

Bachelor of Health Science
Bachelor of Health Science Conjoints
Postgraduate Diplomas - All Schools
Masters Degrees - All Schools
Doctor of Medicine

Autumn 2020 Graduation

This information is yet to be confirmed. Please check regularly.