Three Minute Thesis 2020

Find 2020 competition details, dates, entry forms and resources.

The challenge

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an exciting, fast-paced research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland and now held annually in over 900 universities across the globe. Participants who take up the challenge have to explain their entire research project to a general audience, armed with only a single static slide and a strict three minute time limit.

Read up on competition structure, eligibility, entry conditions and rules at How the competition works.

Why take part?

3MT is about much more than great prizes and having fun. It’s a valuable exercise in communicating research clearly and concisely to a general audience. As a participant, you can:

  • Develop your research communication abilities
  • Craft an impactful research story that you can use anywhere, any time
  • Refine your presenting and public speaking skills
  • Meet your peers and grow your networks
  • Gain exposure for your research
  • Increase your confidence - and employability
  • OK, sure, you can also win prizes, including the opportunity to present your research to a national or international audience

2020 competition dates and registration

Faculty heat dates

Faculty Heat date Entry form
Arts Coming soon
Coming soon
Business Friday 19 June Coming soon
Engineering Tuesday 9 June Coming soon
Open Heat Thursday 23 July Coming soon
Science Coming soon
Coming soon

Dates for finalists

Date Event
Tuesday 28 July
Practice session (finalists)
Tuesday 6 August University Final
Thursday 20 August
NZ Masters Final (masters winner)
Monday 21 September U21 online competition voting opens (doctoral winner)
Thursday 1 October
Asia-Pacific Final (doctoral winner)

Prepare your presentation

These useful resources will help you to prepare a winning presentation.

Watch winning presentations

See what it takes to be the best by watching these videos of previous winners of the Asia-Pacific Finals:

Read useful articles and videos