From left to right: Elinor Swery, James Pau, Ben Davies, Kien Ly, Lisa Darragh, Sarah Thompson, Yusnidar Yusof, Leslie Sanderson.

Congratulations to all the finalists of the 2012 competition.

The 3 Minute Thesis Final was held on Thursday 2 August from 4.30pm to 7pm at the Business School.

Eight finalists battled it out to be crowned 2012's 3 Minute Thesis winner.

Congratulations to the winner and finalists of the 3 Minute Thesis 2012 Competition.


Kien Ly - Faculty of Science, School of Biological Sciences
Title: Rise of the planet of the worms: towards a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease
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2nd Place

Yusnidar Yusof - National Institute for Creative Arts and Industries, School of Architecture and Planning
Title: How architecture and school design may affect the academic achievement and wellbeing of NZ school children
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3rd Place

Ben Davies - Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology
Title: The past in motion: simulating the formation of the archaeological record in Australia’s arid zone
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Lisa Darragh - Faculty of Education
Title: Putting on the mathematics mask: constructing mathematical identities at the transition to secondary school
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James Pau - Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title: Towards a Befitting Ironman Suit: Interpreting the Electrical Activity of Muscle for Rehabilitation
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Leslie Sanderson - Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, School of Medical Sciences
Title: Answering the call: The roles of c/ebpb and irg1 in immune response
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Elinor Swery - Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title: Numerical Predictions for Mass Production of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials
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Sarah Thompson - Faculty of Science, School of Chemical Sciences
Title: Illuminating the Renaissance: Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Anthraquinones
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