3MT® 2013 Finalists and winners

First place winner

Lily Chang
Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences
Title: An "eye" on Alzheimer’s disease

Lily was also the Runner-up at the Trans-Tasman 3MT Finals hosted by Western Sydney University, Australia.

Second place

Sachini Jayaratne
Department of Physiology
Title: We are what mum eats: a link between maternal nutrition and eye health

Third place

Cory Toth
School of Biological Sciences
Title: The Breeding Ecology of New Zealand's Lesser Short-tailed Bat (Mystacina tuberculata)

Other finalists

Anaise Irvine
Department of English
Title: Clones and Commercialisation Anxiety in Fiction

Sarah Thompson
Department of Chemistry
Title: I Know What You Did Last Picosecond: Using Lasers to Spy on Fugitive Art

Hadas Ore
Department of Anthropology
Title: “Other ways to return”: Jewish-Israeli Women Savouring Home in New Zealand

Alex Payne
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Title: Observing vision and thinking about brains: Evaluating subjective difficulty of computer tasks requiring hand-eye coordination

Angela Cruz
Department of Marketing
Title: Something’s Missing: Understanding the Incomplete Imprint of Local Consumer Rituals on Immigrant Identity

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