U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship

Harshpreet Singh and Amy Martin each won a U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship. Read about their experiences below.

Scholarship details

The U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship assists doctoral candidates with costs of undertaking short term visits and placements at Universitas 21 institutions.
Value: Up to $5,000
Link: U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship

Harshpreet Singh's experience

Harshpreet stands in front of the Albert Park fountain.
Harshpreet Singh

“The U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship helped me to solve a critical problem in my PhD research project. The project involves the development of titanium metal matrix composites by powder metallurgy for aerospace and automotive applications. My particular problem required specialist transmission electron microscopy equipment and skills. The scholarship enabled me to travel to the University of Hong Kong to work on my project in their renowned Electron Microscope Unit for one month. I worked with Professor Alphonso Ngan, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering."

I would recommend this scholarship to every PhD candidate.  

Harshpreet Singh

“My experience gave me hands-on experience and enabled me to learn the new technology in this facility. It didn’t just solve a critical research question in my PhD study, but also helped me establish useful contacts and potential collaborations. I was also able to learn about my host university’s culture whilst promoting the University of Auckland at the same time.

"I would recommend this scholarship to every PhD candidate. The U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship gives you a vital platform to share your ideas and learn new technologies from around the world. It helps you to spread your ideas among research communities and to explore the potential for future collaborative opportunities with the host university."

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Amy Martin's experience

Amy Martin smiles, standing in front of some greenery.
Amy Martin

"The U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship enabled me to spend around four months working with my co-supervisor at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

"In that time I completed important work for my PhD thesis, finishing the bulk of the work required for two chapters. I was also in the right part of the world to attend three different conferences, presenting my work and getting valuable feedback. Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have had the funds to get to these conferences because New Zealand is so far away.

"Not only did I get lots of good work done, but I made a lot of new contacts within my field. I’m still in touch with many of the people I met; they have been great to have as friends and as people to bounce ideas off."

I wouldn’t have been able to meet these wonderful people or spend time working with them without the U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship.

Amy Martin

"I would absolutely recommend that others apply for this scholarship. Being able to visit another institution and make international connections is vital for anyone’s future career. You are exposed to new perspectives and ideas, and you meet lots of people who can help you down the line."

How to apply

Interested in visiting a U21 institution to further your research? Read more about the U21 Doctoral Mobility Scholarship.
Rolling deadline: 1st of the month, every month.