U21 Graduate Collaborative Research Award

Connect with other members of the U21 network internationally and collaborate on research.

Award details

The U21 Graduate Collaborative Research Award supports projects on any topic that involve collaboration between doctoral candidates from at least three U21 institutions in at least two countries.

Value: Up to USD$5,000 per project
U21 Graduate Collaborative Awards

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Svetlana's experience

Svetlana in discussion with a colleague at a bright desk.
Svetlana Kostrykina

"The U21 Graduate Collaborative Research Award is a great opportunity. It’s experience, it’s connections. It’s very beneficial for your own research - it adds a lens to and enriches your thinking. Some of the ideas I got from the project funded by the award were like missing pieces of a puzzle that ideally fit into my own argument. It’s a great opportunity in terms of project management experience, networks and funding - you learn to work with other researchers and manage a research collaboration across borders and time zones."

It’s a great opportunity in terms of project management experience, networks and funding...

Svetlana Kostrykina


"When I first came to University, I noticed that that U21 had some opportunities for doctoral students. I kept hearing about it from different sources - one of the morning teas, one of the newsletters. It was a recurring thing. I was in the middle of my second year when I actually applied. I had quite a lot on my plate at that time, and I decided to apply about a month before the deadline.

"I had a project in mind. I was interested in how the global power dynamics are changing in the international education industry. I went through the U21 directory and emailed academics in similar research areas to mine. I introduced myself, my area of research and the project idea."


"The first person I got in touch with was Tianyang Song a Chinese doctoral candidate at University College London. It was a real serendipity: I’m doing my second PhD here and he’s doing his second PhD there and there was quite an overlap in our research interests. As soon as I had Tianyang, we started to craft the application while we found the others: two doctoral candidates from the University of Edinburgh. Mory and Sikandar brought new perspectives to the project.

"I wrote up the application as project leader, but there was a collaborative consultation process - it was important that the project resonated with the perspectives and research interests of all team members."

...you learn to work with other researchers and manage a research collaboration across boarders and time zones.

Svetlana Kostrykina


"We were awarded UDS$5,000. We decided that the best thing we could do was to go to conferences to increase the output of the project, so we each got an equal part of the money for conference funding. I went to the APAIE 2019 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the project got a very positive feedback."

Svetlana sits at a atable with colleagues at the APAIE 2019 Conference.
Svetlana at APAIE 2019 Conference

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