Edy Setyawan

Winning the Research Image category at the 2020 SGS Research Showcase gave Edy Setyawan extra motivation to do better in his research. He says students should get involved in the showcase this year because it’s a great way to stay productive and positive during lockdown.

Marine Science PhD candidate Edy Setyawan, photographed while doing a drone survey in Raja Ampat.

“I decided to enter the SGS Research Showcase because I knew it was a great opportunity to share some interesting parts of my research and fieldwork with the University’s academic community. I was also keen to hear some honest feedback to improve my research."

The best thing about the event is that every participant has the opportunity to showcase their research with staff, doctoral candidates, masters students and other researchers.

Edy Setyawan Marine Science

“Winning the research image category gave me extra motivation to do better in my research.

“I’d definitely recommend getting involved in the SGS Research Showcase this year. Some of us have been indeed struggling during the lockdown, but the showcase should get us motivated to keep positive and productive. It can be an important stepping stone in our academic life at the University."

Edy Setyawan was the winner of the Research Image category in the SGS Research Showcase in 2020, with his submission: How big is that manta ray?

Edy Setyawan's winning image

Enter the online SGS Research Showcase 2021

The SGS Research Showcase is the perfect opportunity for masters research students and doctoral candidates to broaden their research impact, enhance their communication skills, and be in to win prizes worth up to $500. 

You can choose to submit an academic poster, research image, creative item – or all three. Students who are registered as off-campus students can also enter the brand-new Pecha Kucha category.