2017 Exposure winners

UniServices Poster Competition Winners

Exposure Poster winners
FLTR: Dr Giriraj Shekhawat (Judge), Morgane Merien (First Place), Rebecca Turner (Second Place), Isabela Monteiro (People's Choice Award), Amir Rastar (PGSA President), Rivindu Weerasekera (Velocity)

First Place

Morgane Merien
'What are the advantages of mating once, many times or not at all? Facultative parthenogenesis in the common New Zealand stick insect'
Faculty of Science

Second Place

Rebecca Turner
'How can we find out: How animals navigate such long distances?'
Faculty of Science

Third Place

Marie-Claire Smith
'The TWIST algorithm predicts Time to Walk Independently after Stroke'
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences

Posters - People’s Choice Award

Isabel Monteiro
'Cytotoxic study of polystyrene-block-polyethylene oxide for long term stem cell culture'
Faculty of Engineering

Oral Competition Winners

Exposure Oral Winners
FLTR: Rivindu Weerasekera (Velocity), Kate Riegle van West (Third Place), Melanie Macfarlane (First Place), Dr Jan Cronin (Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies), Kent Lee (UniServices), Aimee Humphries (Second Place) and Zac Roberts (PGSA Vice-President)

First Place

Melanie Macfarlane
'Māori Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy'
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences

Second Place

Aimee Humphries
'The Effect Of Position On Maternal Haemodynamics In Late Pregnancy: an MRI study'
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences

Third Place

Kate Riegle-Van West
'Poi For Your Health: Spin Your Life Around'
Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries

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Variety Showcase Winners

FLTR: Dr Giriraj Shekhawat (Judge), Joohyun Park (Third Place), Kisha September (Second Place) and Xiaofeng Hu (First Place)

First Prize

Xiaofeng Hu
'The Absentia: a choreographic exploration of absence through presence'
Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries

Second Prize

Kisha September
'Finding Mobility in Origami Bodies'
Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries

Third Prize

Joohyun Park
'What Does "Success" Mean in Korea and New Zealand?'
Faculty of Education & Social Work

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