Creating a good presentation

Remember to introduce yourself and your research topic. Exposure is all about communicating to an audience. A little bit of background about you and your topic will draw them into the story of your research.

Even if you’re not very far into your research, it’s important to draw some kind of conclusion for the audience. This could be as simple as describing the next steps you’ll take to develop your research.

  • Be prepared to answer questions.
  • Try to use language someone from outside your field will understand.
  • Talk to previous entrants to Exposure about what to expect.
  • Watch previous finalists’ videos on YouTube.

Your abstract

This is an opportunity to pitch your research to the industry representatives, academics, fellow students and members of the public who will read the programme.

Choose a snappy title that will pique the interest of the people reading the programme.

Search for ‘How to write a good abstract’ on Google

Posters and oral presentations

Make your entry stand above the rest

Ensure your research is presented in an interesting way that will appeal to a general audience. Libraries and Learning Services offers workshops on: