How to enter and prepare

Everything you need to know to enter and prepare for Exposure, the postgrad research exposition.

Exposure is over for 2019

Enormous thanks to everyone involved in making Exposure 2019 such an incredible success - participants, judges, sponsors, the School of Graduate Studies and the invaluable PGSA Exposure Committee.

You can find out who won what at 2019 Exposure winners.


Exposure is open to eligible, currently-enrolled University of Auckland research masters and PhD or named doctorate candidates. Please familiarise yourself with the eligibility guidelines and rules for your category before you enter.

Find out more: Eligibility and rules.

Get help preparing your entry

Winning tip

“Practice the presentation in front of people outside of your field a couple of times, and ask them what they did or didn't understand. Practice in front of your parents or grandparents, and check if they fall asleep or not. But don't practice too much, because then it becomes almost robotic, and if you get distracted during the actual presentation it can be difficult to recover (I learnt that the hard way). Try to keep it casual, go with the flow, and have fun!"
- Andrew Chen, 2018 Oral Presentation session winner.


Winning tip

“Posters take time, do not leave it until the night before. The content has to be of academic standard [so] find that balance between the simplicity and complexity of your research. Think about the design and experiment with different layouts. Most importantly, does your research appeal to a broad audience? Ask friends to read over it, especially if they are not in your field of research! Can they understand it and what are their suggestions?”
- Amiee van der Reis, 2018 Poster session winner.