2018 Exposure winners

L to R: Matthew Kang, Andrew Chen, James Hucklesby, Aimee van der Reis, Hayden Green

UniServices Poster Competition winners

First place

Aimee van der Reis | Faculty of Science
'Preliminary analyses of New Zealand scampi diet using metabarcoding'

Second place

Hayden Green | Faculty of Science
'Oxygen Deprivation: Can what doesn’t kill you really make you stronger?'

Third place

Laura Galante | Liggins Institute
'Feasibility of breastmilk collection from mothers of moderate-late preterm neonates'

People's Choice Award

Diocel Harold Aquino | Faculty of Engineering
'Building Back Towards Cyclone Resilience of Housing Structures in the Developing World'

Oral Presentation Competition winners

First place

Andrew Chen | Faculty of Engineering
'Towards Practical and Ethical Video Analytics Systems'

Click here to watch Andrew's presentation on YouTube.

Second place

James Hucklesby | Faculty of Science
'Plasmin Systems Proteins Regulate Endothelial Presentation of CCL21 and Subsequent T cell Extravasation'

Click here to watch James' presentation on YouTube.

Third place

Matthew Kang | Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
'Genetic Feto-Maternal Microchimerism'

Click here to watch Matt's presentation on YouTube.

Watch all our 2018 Finalists

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