Eligibility and rules


Exposure is open to University of Auckland research postgraduates, who remain enrolled throughout the duration of the competition. If you are a research masters or doctoral candidate and you have submitted your thesis (including soft-bound), you are no longer eligible to enter.

Some faculties hold pre-competitions, which are a pre-cursor to entry into Exposure. If you were unable to participate in the pre-comps, entry into Exposure may be granted under exceptional circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the Organising Committee and the School of Graduate Studies.


  • Each entry must be accompanied by a research abstract of 300 words or less.
  • Once you submit your abstract, your entry to the Exposure competition will be accepted on condition that it meets with the competition guidelines. You will be contacted with further instructions if there are any queries or concerns.
  • It is encouraged that you adhere to the word limit, as abstracts with word counts greater than 300 will not be automatically accepted into the competition.
  • The abstract will be published in the official Exposure programme.

Rules: Poster Session

  • Posters must be printed by the participant in A1 size. We strongly suggest that they are laminated for protection. Exposure will not be held responsible for any damage occurring to unlaminated posters. Participants are liable for the costs incurred for the printing and laminating.
  • Posters larger or smaller than A1 size will not be accepted into the Exposure competition.
  • Posters must be static. No moving images with the help of a smartphone or tablet will be allowed. If your poster has moving parts or images please consider entering the Variety Showcase category.
  • Successful posters strike a balance between academic content, visualisation of research and appeal to a broad audience. The design of the poster must be the student’s own work.
  • Electronic PDF versions of the posters must be submitted at least two weeks before the Poster Session.
  • Final printed posters to be exhibited must be handed in one week before the Poster Session.
  • The Organising Committee reserves the right to review your draft and ask you to modify the poster to ensure it meets University of Auckland research ethics guidelines and equity policy, and to preserve your intellectual property rights.

Rules: Oral Presentation Session

The Exposure 2019 Oral Presentation Judging Criteria has been updated. Please make sure you are familiar with the new version.

  • Presentations are a 10-minute talk accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation of your research. It will be delivered to an audience and judging panel, and is followed by five minutes of questions.
  • You may include brief video clips (approximately 1 minute in length) in your presentation.
  • Presentation PowerPoints or equivalent must be submitted one week in advance of the Oral Presentation Session prelims.

Important information

  • We prefer you only enter one category and you can only enter each category once.
    lease note that the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Judges are under no obligation to give feedback.
  • Please ensure that all aspects of your entry, including graphics, are your own work. If you use graphics/ information which are not your own, please check our copyright policies regarding third party usage.
  • Before including interviews or close-up photographs of identifiable people, you must have their written permission. You can download a Model Release Form from the Intranet.
  • We reserve the right to make the winning entries available worldwide on the University and PGSA websites, including the University of Auckland Youtube channel, with the entrant's consent.
  • We reserve the right to showcase entries publicly following Exposure (eg, by displaying the entries in public libraries). Where possible, we will retain entries for a month after Exposure to enable us to do this.
  • Please note that we endeavour to include all entries in Exposure. However, some may not be accepted due to space and/or time restrictions.
  • If you are selected for the poster finals, you will be notified about the arrangements.
    Printing and laminating. In many cases your faculty will pay for this to be done, so check with your faculty first. If not, the printing and costs related to this is your responsibility. It is not compulsory but it is advised, as we cannot take responsibility for damages.
  • Please note: we will not store posters beyond the end of the year.
  • There is only one size for the poster - A1