Provisional Year Review Procedures
Procedures for doctoral candidates, supervisors and other staff involved in reviews of provisional doctoral registration.

Doctoral Candidates – changing date of registration policy and procedures
This page clarifies how and when the registration date for doctoral
candidates may be changed. It does not apply to EdD or DClinPsy
candidates whose registration date is fixed.

PhD - Domestic Tuition Fees Policy and Procedures
Requirements for eligibility for domestic tuition fees during PhD candidature.

PhD - Domestic Tuition Fees Guidelines
Information on the application of the PhD - Domestic Tuition Fees Policy and Procedures.

Doctoral Candidates - Off-Campus Registration Policy and Procedures
Long-term or permanent off-campus registration of doctoral candidates for a period exceeding a year.

Doctoral Candidates - Transfer Procedures
For candidates wishing to transfer to the University of Auckland, or return to start a new doctorate.

Doctoral Candidates - Transfer Guidelines
Guidelines to support Doctoral Candidates – Transfer Procedures.