Academic Poster category

Everything you need to know about the Academic Poster category of the SGS Research Showcase.

How to enter

Create a poster that communicates your research to a general audience. Submit the PDF using the electronic entry form by Monday 20 September 2021 to join the competition. You will be invited to display the physical item in the showcase exhibition if your submission is shortlisted.

Candidates from the Faculty of Science should submit via your faculty’s poster competition. Entries shortlisted in those competition will automatically be entered into the Academic Poster category of the SGS Research Showcase.



$500 Westfield voucher


$200 Westfield voucher

People’s Choice Award

$200 Westfield voucher

Thank you to Unleash Space, who will sponsor additional prizes for this category.

Judging criteria

The key with this poster presentation is to strike a balance between academic content and presentation of the work to a broad audience. Winning entries will be selected by a panel of judges invited by SGS.

Posters will be scored based on three criteria:

  • Academic content
  • Design
  • Appeal to a broad audience
Download the full judging criteria below.

Training and resources


  • The design of the poster must be the student’s own work.
  • Posters must be printed by the participant up to A1 size. Posters larger than A1 size will not be displayed physically in the research exhibition.
  • Posters must be static. No moving images with the help of a smartphone or tablet will be allowed.  

Terms and Conditions

  1. Posters submitted must be digital.
  2. One entry per person per category only is allowed.
  3. All entrants must ensure that they are the original first author of the poster.
  4. Participants are liable for the costs incurred for the printing. PReSS accounts may be used for printing posters.
  5. To enter, an entry form should be submitted with PDF file by the deadline provided.
  6. Shortlisted candidates will be notified in mid-November and must then submit a hard copy of their poster (up to A1 size) for display by the deadline provided under.
  7. Judges’ decision is final.
  8. By submitting an entry, entrants consent to UoA using posters for promotional purposes to publicise your, and/or the university’s research. Ownership of the poster will remain with the entrant.
  9. If required, electronic posters will be displayed online on Figshare. A selection of shortlisted entries will be displayed on campus at the showcase event.
  10. School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to review the item and ask entrants to modify the poster to ensure it meets University of Auckland health and safety policy, research ethics guidelines and equity policy, or to preserve the entrant’s intellectual property rights.

Enter the Academic Poster category

Once you've read the Terms and Conditions, you're ready to enter your work to the Showcase.