Summer School dates 2021

The enrolment closing date for full Summer School courses is 20 December 2020. While you may continue to enrol until the start of Summer School, some courses may not be available for enrolment after 20 December 2020.

Should you wish to delete courses, you may do so online. The deletion of Summer School courses online will be possible up until the end of 12 January 2021. Courses dropped before this deadline are removed from your academic record and all fees refunded.

After 12 January 2021 and before 5 February 2021 you may withdraw from your course. Withdrawing will place a W (Withdrew) on your transcript and counts as a fail for most Grade Point Average (GPA) calculations. No withdrawal from Summer School courses will be permitted after 5 February 2021.

If you have circumstances that are beyond your control, please refer to our website for the criteria for a late deletion application.

Applications close Tuesday 1 December 2020
Enrolments close Sunday 20 December 2020
Fees due Wednesday 6 January 2021
Summer Start begins Tuesday 5 January 2021
Summer School begins
Wednesday 6 January 2021
Auckland Anniversary Day Monday 1 February 2021
Waitangi Day Monday 8 February 2021
Summer School lectures end Friday 12 February 2021
Summer School study break begins Saturday 13 February 2021
Summer School examinations Monday 15 – Wednesday 17 February 2021
Summer School ends Wednesday 17 February 2021
Summer Start ends Wednesday 17 February 2021