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Your key to life on Campus.

campus card

Where you have an interaction with the University, your Campus Card will often be required. It is your main form of identification on campus and will be needed for tests and examinations.

To access many University services you’ll need your card, such as in the Library or the Recreation Centre.

Throughout 2018, new services are going to become available through the Campus Card, so keep an eye on this page for developments.

To get a Campus Card you need to have enrolled in at least one course and submitted a full colour head and shoulders ID photo for use on your card.

Once you’ve done that, your Campus Card will be printed for you and you’ll receive a notification with instructions on where it will be sent or where you need to collect it from campus.

Campus Card centres

City Campus

AskAuckland Central
Ground Floor
Alfred Nathan House
City Campus
(Entrance past the General Library on Alfred Street)

Epsom Campus

Education and Social Work Student Information Centre
A Block
Gate 2
74 Epsom Avenue
Epsom Campus

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Email: campuscardsupport@auckland.ac.nz
0800 61 62 63

AskAuckland Central
Alfred Nathan House
City Campus
Entrance past the General Library from Alfred Street

Opening hours: 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday