Installing Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe have now allowed all students and staff of the University to install Adobe Creative Cloud on their personally owned computers and use it for free until 6 July 2020.  Please take the time to install and use Creative Cloud on your own computer. This will ensure that capacity on FlexIT is available for those applications that cannot be locally installed. 

Adobe's COVID-19 announcement

To do this, follow these simple instructions.


1. Check that your computer meets the requirements for the application you wish to install on the requirements page 

2. Open a web browser on your personal (not University-owned) computer and go to

3. At the Sign in page enter your University email address (this will be your

4. Click Continue

5. Click on the Apps tab at the top of the screen

6. Select the application you want to use and click Download

7. On the Permission may be required box, click OK

8. The application will download to the usual location where your downloads are

9. On a Windows computer just double click the setup file to start the installation

10. Each application will have different installation options you can select.