Hire a locker

Hiring a locker is a handy way to store your textbooks instead of carrying them between classes.

Where to get a locker

There are three places to get a locker at the University of Auckland:

  • Your faculty
  • Auckland University Students' Association (AUSA)
  • The Recreation Centre

If you decide to hire a locker, please do so at the start of Semester One, as there are limited numbers available.

Lockers in faculties

Most faculties have their own lockers for students. You have to be enrolled in the department to be eligible. Costs vary between departments. Check with your departmental administrator.

Lockers at AUSA

AUSA has a limited number of lockers available for hire from reception at 4 Alfred Street, City Campus.

For more information, visit the Lockers section, under 'L', on the AUSA site.

Lockers at the Recreation Centre

The Recreation Centre offers free lockers to its members during their use of the facilities.

There are also long-term hire lockers available for members of the recreation centre.  

Please email universitysport@auckland.ac.nz or visit our main reception at 17 Symonds Street regarding availability and pricing.