Why provide a workplace experience

Discover the benefits of connecting your organisation with our student talent pool.

Building a future workforce

Connect and engage with our students: high-calibre, hard-working, dedicated young people who are driven towards academic achievement and work success.

Linking your organisation with this talent pool is a smart way to develop networks for future vacancies while raising your organisation’s profile.

We work with organisations to make gaining workplace experiences as easy and seamless as possible for both you and our students.

What are the benefits for employers?

Offering students opportunities to gain workplace experiences through your organisation, benefits everyone involved. When you connect with our students, you gain insight into the lives, skills, and motivations of your next wave of hires.

Benefits include:

  • Accessing an additional resource for projects
  • Tapping into expertise you may not already have in your team
  • A strengthened organisation through the skills and knowledge of talented students
  • A positive brand image
  • Fresh eyes, new ideas and perspectives
  • Dispelling misconceptions students may have about the breadth of your organisation/industry, and the types of students you hire eg: “Banks only hire Finance grads, right?”
  • Developing advocates of your organisation
  • Building your brand on campus through showcasing your industry and building interest in potential future career paths
  • Building a talent pipeline of potential future hires

How CDES can support your organisation

We want our students to add value to your organisation from Day 1.

We know that the world of work is changing at a rapid pace, and employees now work in much more diverse roles and workplaces than ever before. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to compete successfully in a global economy, and to develop the right tools and understandings to improve their employability.

CDES has the expertise to support employers who would like to engage our students in relevant workplace experiences. We can help you to tailor a programme that best suits your organisation with our innovative strategies.

Whether it's listing your job and internship opportunities on our MyCDES job board, creating internship or work experience programmes, taking part in our career expos or other forms of engagement, the CDES team can help you achieve your goals. Browse our site and contact us for more information.