Meet the Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors are engaged and passionate students who deliver messages, projects, and training to the University community.

Sarah and Shrestaneel - Peer Health Promoters

The Wellbeing Team employ two Wellbeing Ambassadors to help support the work they do across the University. These students support the team in the planning and implementation of projects and initiatives, as well as delivering training and standing as the student voice within the wider team.

Sarah Premkumar

Sarah is currently studying a conjoint degree in health sciences and commerce. As a part of the student community, she would love to engage with her fellow students to enable student voice on the wellbeing team, which allows them to focus on what the students really need in order to create effective approaches to wellbeing at the university.  

Shrestaneel (Neel) Narayan

Shrestaneel is studying Biological Sciences and Statistics. He loves to be involved with the University community and to contribute back to it in a multitude of ways. He strives to support his fellow students to achieve any goal in whatever form it may take. Being enthusiastic and approachable, Shrestaneel is passionate about equity and wellbeing. He is dedicated to approaching situations with an open mind and appreciating individuality and diversity.  Shrestaneel is always keen to hear new ideas and understand
new perspectives.