Healthy relationships and consent: Resources and training

The University of Auckland is seeking to eliminate sexual violence on Campus, in line with its commitment to being a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment.


Sexual consent is…

  • An active, free, and mutual agreement made between two or more people
  • An enthusiastic YES!
  • Something people can change their mind about
  • NOT permission
  • NOT a contract

Sexual violence is…

  • Any unwanted sexual behaviour
  • Towards another person      
  • Anything sexual without consent
  • Sexual violence can occur physically (e.g rape and assault); verbally (e.g saying something of a sexual nature to another person without their consent); visually (e.g making another person watch porn without their consent); or online (e.g sending another person sexual messages or images without their consent).

This could be:     

  • Kissing/touching
  • Saying things of a sexual nature to someone
  • Sending nudes without consent
  • Penetrative sex

If its sexual and there is no consent, it is not sex, it is sexual violence.

Training programme for students

In conjunction with the University of Auckland’s Harmful Sexual Behaviour Action Plan a training is being delivered to student leaders such as RA’s, AUSA and student club executives.

The workshop will educate about the prevalence of sexual abuse and sexual violence in New Zealand and its dynamics and effects. The workshop is an opportunity to consider how student leaders can keep other students safe from sexual violence and to ensure that good, trauma informed support is available to survivors of sexual assault.  

The workshop addresses challenging topics such as rape and sexual violence. There is opportunity during the workshop to practice self-care and support one other, but please also consider what else you might need to do to take care of yourself before, during and after the workshop. 

Students who have certain needs around attending this training are able to reach out directly to the Student Wellbeing Team, who will be happy to accommodate the needs required to try to ensure that everyone feels safe to attend and as comfortable as possible.  

As of October 2020, it will be a requirement of all student group registration processes to have at least two executives per group complete the training. 

Sign up information

Each training can take up to a maximum of 20 student participants per session. Students (except RA’s ) must register for a training via the Engage platform. Once logged into their Engage account students can type ‘consent’ into the search bar, and self-select the training date and time that best fits their schedule. 

A separate process will be organised for RA’s in line with the planned Halls of Residence Training Programme.


It’s really important to have respect for people’s boundaries, especially when it comes to relationships and sex. 

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