Thriving at university

Find a range of resources designed to help you flourish during your time at university.

Feeling homesick

It's perfectly ok to miss your life as it was before you started Uni.

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All the budgeting, saving and financial literacy tips and tricks you need to keep you on track while you study.

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Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Feel like a fraud? You're not! Here's how to deal with those nagging feelings...

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Feeling lonely

Check out some ways you can kick loneliness to the curb.

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Managing alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol affects your body in the long and short-term, and can exacerbate conditions like depression and anxiety.

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How do you learn?

Knowing how you learn best will help you plan and study for assignments.

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Do good, feel good

Giving up your time to do some volunteer work not only helps those on the receiving end of your good work, it can also benefit you too!

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Spiritual wellbeing - Taha wairua

Spiritual wellbeing is an important part of many students' lives.

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