Nail the recruitment season with CDES this semester!

What “getting recruitment ready” is all about, and how to prepare with CDES

Get recruitment ready

As you wrap up your summer break, CDES is busy organising tailored events to connect students with recruiters right from the start of the academic year. It may seem like something you plan for further down your to-do list, but now is the perfect time to get recruitment-ready, right at the beginning of the semester.

Now's the time!

Early in Semester One is a key time for students to prepare and up-skill, so you are prepped and primed to connect with employers and impress them to secure valuable work experience or jobs.

Employers will be on campus at the end of February and during early March, to recruit students into graduate jobs for 2020 and even 2021. This is your perfect opportunity to connect with your future industry, and perhaps even your future employer!

Here are some of the recruitments events coming up on campus, involving a wide range of exciting employers that you are able to meet with.

Stand out from the crowd

Getting recruitment ready involves a stellar application, which not only means a solid CV but also a clear cover letter. This will ensure you stand out from the crowd, ahead of the rest when it’s time for positions to be filled.

Sarah Moyne, Senior Career Development and Employability Consultant at CDES, shares her top tips for students to ace CV writing and the job application process;

  • Make a strong first impression by tailoring your CV to the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for.
  • Show you have done your homework on the company that’s offering the role, and that you’re genuinely interested in working for them.
  • Showcase your relevant skillset (including transferable/soft skills) when describing your experience, education, achievements and extracurricular activities. Avoid generic descriptions – Hardworking, team player, reliable. Think ‘personalised’ and ‘provable’.
  • If you’re not sure whether your CV is ready to send, take our quick self-check quiz modules

Sarah’s cover letter tips:

  • Carefully read and analyse the job advertisement – make sure you are clear on what skills, knowledge, attitudes and personal qualities the employer is looking for.
  • Identify why you are interested in that role or company i.e. how you genuinely think you would fit with the job, team and company.
  • Build a clear connection between what the employer is looking for and what you have to offer
  • For more tips on the content and format of a high-impact cover letter, check out the CDES online module How to Write a Cover Letter

How to prepare with CDES by your side

Here at CDES we aim to empower students with the capabilities and skills they need to create and navigate their own futures into the world of work. We’re here to make sure you have the confidence, skills, direction and CV that will impress so that you stand out from the rest.

CDES workshops are tailor made to help prepare you for interviews and the job application process. Start 2020 by boosting your employability, and taking advantage of the full range of free workshops on offer.

Our expert team of Career Development and Employability Consultants provide free career support to students and graduates, including;

  • Skill-building workshops on a wide range of career-related topics including CV-writing, LinkedIn, interviews, and career pathways.
  • Step by step online modules for students to work through themselves, eg: Writing a CV, How to find Internships and Work Opportunities, Interview skills.
  • Daily drop in sessions at the CDES office.
  • Longer one-on-one career appointments with one of our Career Development and Employability Consultants.
  • Employer events on-campus, including during Orientation week, and many more coming up across 2020!

You can access all of this and much more by logging in to your one-stop career portal.